Since its inception in 1984, the Troy Development Council (TDC) has been a highly effective public-private initiative that has been instrumental in the creation of nearly seven thousand new jobs and assisted in generating over one billion dollars in new investment. For a community of 27,000, we believe, those are impressive numbers.

Over the years, the TDC has worked diligently with existing business and industry to the point that a large percentage of the billion dollars in investments has come from expansion. At the same time, however, the TDC has successfully recruited both U.S. and international businesses to the Troy area. Today, nine international companies have facilities in Troy, Ohio USA.  

Many of the companies who have chosen to locate in Troy, Ohio are well-known companies; ConAgra Foods, Honda, Collins Aerospace, Clopay and many more.  Troy is proud to be home to several Fortune 500 companies and look forward to welcoming many more to our community.

TDC Mission Statement

        Continually improve the quality of life for Troy area residents through progressive planning and focused public/private initiatives to achieve a thriving local economy.

Located in southwestern Ohio at the I-70/I-75 “Cross roads of America”, Troy is ideally situated. Our

90-minute air market covers over 50% of the U.S. population and an even larger percentage of America’s industrial base. Highly successful businesses dating back to the 1800’s, increasingly diverse culture, a rich agricultural tradition and outstanding educational opportunities have all contributed to a great quality of life

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement

TheTroy Development Council (TDC) values diversity, equity, and inclusion as we pursue economic growth, job creation, business competitiveness, and workforce development.  Since the earliest days of the Ohio frontier, the community of Troy and Miami County claims a rich heritage through its character of welcoming all people, its catalyst of opportunity for anyone to succeed, and its commitment to the rule of law and social justice.  Therefore, we value diversity, equity, and inclusion as strengths both in our organization and in the community we serve.  We will promote these values among our partners, our board, and our staff as well as in our policies and practices.  We will demonstrate these values through our work and relationships with individuals, groups, and businesses both locally and globally.

Sustainability Statement

The Troy Development Council (TDC) will proactively work together with our stakeholders to improve our community in a responsible, clean, sustainable way.  The TDC recognizes the importance of responsible and sustainable use of resources.  We commit to encouraging innovative new technologies, clean energy, and reductions in greenhouse gasses.  Therefore, the Board of Directors of the TDC hereby endorses sustainability as a strategy to encourage economic development in our community.


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