Workforce Training

Our workforce: Your catalyst for quality.

Tick-tock: In the global market place there’s no time to waste in assembling a high-performing team. That’s why Troy is ready to work and ready to wow you right now. Our potent labor pool in Miami and contiguous counties is 735,000+ within a 45-minute drive, and our integrated training infrastructure provides expert on-demand assistance in everything from startup to expansion, from assessment to recruitment, from screening to custom training.

In the race to foster skilled workers, we start early in Troy, making K-12 a springboard to success in a public-school system that fosters higher skills with strategic high school career paths and dual-credit enrollment. Multiple training and post-graduation options include:

Edison State Community College: All you need, all in one. Edison’s Center for Workforce Development and Education includes the ground-breaking Edison Works program offering apprenticeships and work-based learning. Together these options provide a comprehensive solution that answers and links the needs of business, industry, and workforce. Edison connects your operation with needed resources, whether for assessment, recruitment, custom training, or even consultation for improvement of your business processes.

Edison’s instructional staff are real-world industrial pros with the experience and insight needed to help you accurately assess what training is needed and to create customized training that produces a powerfully equipped team. Training and other special services include:

Get a team that knows what to do and how to do it better. Edison is ready to provide the necessary training when and where you need it, in the classroom or on the shop floor.

Basic courses include:

  • Basic Electrical Circuits
  • Electrical Controls and Troubleshooting
  • Fluid Power, Hydraulics and Pneumatics
  • Kepner Tregor® Analytic Trouble Shooting
  • Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma
  • Machining, CNC, Welding and Manufacturing Processes
  • Maintenance Training
  • Print Reading, Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing
  • Programmatic Logic Controllers (PLCs)
  • Safety Training
  • Servo Systems and Robotics
  • Statistical Process Control

As a registered apprenticeship sponsor for the state of Ohio, Edison State provides students with the opportunity to earn while they learn, while employers can enjoy a bounty of advantages. Participation in the apprenticeship program allows employers to recruit more strategically, and with 16-week job assignments tailored to employer needs, productivity is enhanced even as staff workload is reduced. Also, apprenticeships can add to the bottom line directly: Employers are potentially eligible to receive federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) funds and Work Opportunity Tax credits.

If students are unable to achieve their educational goals through existing programs, Edison’s ATS allows them to develop an individualized technical program with the guidance of an academic advisor. Also, Edison's partnerships with other training institutions, such as the Hobart Institute of Welding Technology, allow students to incorporate credits from other institutions to apply toward an Edison Associate’s Degree.

This Ohio-funded program provides access to higher tech skills without higher costs. Using Edison State as a training partner, employers may qualify for reimbursement for up to $2,000 in training costs per job. While Edison State offers numerous certificates—in Engineering and Manufacturing, Health Sciences and Information Technology—the college works closely with employers to develop custom solutions for any training need.

Franklin University’s new co-location at Edison State opens a strategic expansion of the talent pipeline for the healthcare workforce in Troy. Now, students can complete 3 years of healthcare training at Edison State before finishing the fourth and final year at the co-location or through Franklin’s online program.

Upper Valley Career Center: Education Revolutionized. UVCC is a proven state and national leader in career and technical education with 25 industry-driven, career-focused programs for high school students. The Career Center has built and maintains a strong regional network of industry partnerships focused on addressing current and future employment needs. Apprenticeships and career-based learning are a focal point of this process and continue to expand.

Adult students are also powerfully served through full-time certificate programs, short-term training, and licensure preparation options. The Adult Division serves area employers directly through customized training options in the industrial and healthcare fields that assure employees are prepared to meet the demands of global employers.

Hobart Institute of Welding Technology: World-Class Welding Education.  Founded in 1930, HIWT has trained over 100,000 male and female welders whose highly sought-after skills have made them indispensable across sectors. Hobart’s hands-on approach has become world-renown, and today diverse program offerings include Structural Welding and Combination Structural and Pipe Welding, with individual courses such as shielded metal arc welding, gas tungsten arc welding, and gas metal arc welding, among others. This fully accredited school also offers continuing education units as well as skills training courses that may count toward Society of Manufacturing Engineers re-certification.


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