At the Crossroads of America, high-speed networks and corridors of power.

You could say transit performance in Troy is practically “turnkey,” thanks to a central location that means less ground to cover. Just 9 miles north of the “Crossroads of America,” where I-75 and I-70 intersect, Troy’s location puts your operation within a 90-minute radius of 5.6 million people and five metropolitan statistical areas, and allows overnight service to major domestic markets. Troy also puts your operation at the top of the North American Automotive Corridor.

Also revving up your reach, Troy offers all the high-speed, high-performance transit options you need for fast timing and low costs:

Highway: Troy’s location means omni-directional reach, with swift access to two of the nation’s premier commercial highway corridors: I-75, stretching north/south from southern Florida to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula; and the east-west I-70 running from western Utah to Baltimore, Maryland. Troy also offers the convenience of superb state routes: The north/south state highway routes SR 202 offering a quick route to Dayton and SR 41 running from Aberdeen to Covington, as well as the east/west state routes SR 718 and SR 55 leading to Urbana.

With 25 trucking terminals in the region, your operation is assured of overnight service to markets including Atlanta, Nashville, Chicago, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Detroit, Cleveland and Knoxville. And in the nation’s largest second-day service region (defined as truck deliveries within a day and a half), your second-day reach extends north to Boston and New York; east to Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and Baltimore; south to New Orleans and Little Rock; and west to Omaha, Kansas City, Minneapolis, St. Paul and Milwaukee.

Rail: CSX has invested heavily in its best-in-Class I Ohio network encompassing more than 4,000 miles of track across the state. Now your operation can reap all the cost and speed advantages with Troy connections that provide swift blanket coverage of markets across the eastern U.S., with nearby intermodal facilities in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus and Marion.

Port: Highway and rail routes put multiple ports within strategic reach, including Great Lakes ports such as Port of Cleveland and Port of Chicago, as well as ports on the Ohio River including Port of Cincinnati, less than 1.5 hours away.

Air: Just 10 minutes away, the Dayton International Airport offers passenger service by six leading carriers, including American, United Airlines, Delta and Allegiant, providing non-stop flights to sixteen destinations, including New York, Orlando, Dallas/Fort Worth and Charlotte.


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