1,350+ acres. 30+ miles of trails. One great river. (Joy beyond measure.)

Blue skies overhead, a sleek kayak slices through the glimmering blue waters of the Great Miami River. Perfectly poised, perfectly balanced. The serene setting feels a world away, and yet it’s only minutes from downtown Troy. And that is also an example of perfect balance: Troy’s perfect balance of natural beauty and busy modern life. The scenic Great Miami River Recreational Trail runs straight through the heart of Troy, a source of sparkling civic beauty as well as a refreshing recreational resource.

And the Great Miami Trail is only one of our inviting recreational assets. Together, the city of Troy and Miami County offer 1,350+ acres of lush parkland that encompass both traditional and innovative parks, refuges, sanctuaries, natural areas, and more—each offering a special and especially rewarding setting. For example, nestled within the wooded acreage of Troy Municipal Park is the city’s delightful Barn in the Park, the home of the Troy Civic Theatre, where residents gather for great performances. At Treasure Island Park, located on the Great Miami River, residents and visitors flock to enjoy picnics or to rent kayaks or paddleboats, and they gather at the park’s amphitheater for regularly scheduled concerts. Visitors also come for hiking, biking, and birdwatching on more than 30 miles of trails across the city.

While passive recreation—recreation that preserves the natural world—is a hallmark of many of our parks, active team sports are very much in play here, with team excellence and excitement in virtually every major sport, including hockey at Hobart Arena.

Gliding across the ice or across the river, diving into the city’s new splash park or discovering wildlife wonder at a storied nature preserve. It’s easy for adults to stay balanced and refreshed and families to grow strong and healthy with Troy’s seamless blend natural beauty and heart-pumping recreation. And that’s an immeasurable asset.

Here are just a few of Troy’s recreational opportunities you’ll want to explore and enjoy:

Hobart Urban Nature Preserve

A compelling example of Troy’s powerful integration of natural beauty into dynamic city living, this award-winning 82-acre “park oasis” sits in the center of town, with 2 miles of trails winding through grasslands and wetlands, and with striking steel sculptures announcing the change in habitats. Hobart is the perfect anytime getaway for hiking, walking, running, bird and nature watching, and cross-country skiing in the winter. This is passive recreation at its best, with plans in place to plant a total of 11,000 trees by completion.

Brukner Nature Center

This 145-acre preserve nestled on the Stillwater River is wildly popular, and that’s no exaggeration. Each year, over 1,000 wild patients are brought to the center from around the region to be cared for, rehabilitated, and returned to the wild. Yet this serene haven may provide a service even more valuable to human visitors in giving them a new outlook on life and nature as they explore lush habitats ranging from wetlands to woodlands, including 6 miles of hiking trails. Up-close encounters at the interpretive center with “wildlife ambassadors” give visitors meaningful experiences, even as engaging educational programs for all ages—like summer and winter youth camps and PEEPS, the delightful nature-based preschool program—help to fill minds with vital natural knowledge and hearts with the love of the natural world.

Great Miami River Recreation Trail

One of only 22 designated National Water Trails in the U.S., the Great Miami River Trail is a rare recreational delight in every way. Running 32 miles across Miami County and straight through the heart of Troy, the trail is a naturally and conveniently attractive destination for canoeing, kayaking, and paddle boarding on the Great Miami River, as well as running, cycling, and hiking on the trail, which stretches in multiple directions—340 miles in total (the longest paved trail network in the nation) to reach as far away as Cincinnati, Urbana, and Columbus.

Hobart Arena

Home to a broad range of activities, this historic arena with ice rink was first opened in 1950 and has stayed in champion form as a go-to recreational gem thanks to strategic upgrades like the most recent $10 million 2017 renovation. Nice for more than ice excitement, this 3,782-seat arena has hosted musical legends over the years such as Elvis, Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, Liberace, and many others. Today, it’s a legendary venue not only for concerts, but for car shows, arena football, and more.

Duke Park & Community Park

Great teams and great facilities have made the 140-acre Duke Park a top destination for regional tournaments in multiple sports, offering superb fields and facilities for soccer, baseball, football, softball, tennis, and pickleball. Walking trails and biking paths make Duke Park a favorite for ramblers and riders, too. Located along the Great Miami River, Community Park allows easy access to the Great Miami River Recreational Trail while also offering 9 tennis and pickleball courts.

Troy Aquatic Park

The Aquatic Park made a splash when it opened, and still makes for exciting, refreshing fun, with a 100,000-sq.-ft. main pool, 148-foot body slide, and a 160-foot tube slide.

Community Fitness

Family- and budget-friendly fitness programs and equipment are available year-round at the brand-new facilities (including indoor pool) of the Robinson Branch of the Miami County YMCA. At Lincoln Community Center, a $3.8 million expansion will add approximately 22,000 square feet to the recently renovated facility. To learn more about the Community Center, visit the center's website.


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