Staff and Board


Joseph A. Graves photo Joseph A. Graves bio spacer
Joseph A. Graves


Tim Summers, TDC photo Tim Summers, TDC bio spacer
Tim Summers, TDC
President, Park National Bank

Annette Ryan Baker, TDC photo Annette Ryan Baker, TDC bio spacer
Annette Ryan Baker, TDC
Vice President, Greenville Federal Bank

Ed Westmeyer, TDC photo Ed Westmeyer, TDC bio spacer
Ed Westmeyer, TDC
Past President, First Financial Bank

Dave Fisher photo Dave Fisher bio spacer
Dave Fisher
US Bank

Doreen Larson photo Doreen Larson bio spacer
Doreen Larson
President Edison State Community College

Doug Lins photo Doug Lins bio spacer
Doug Lins
ITW - Food Equipment Group

Hank Betts photo Hank Betts bio spacer
Hank Betts
Miller Valentine

Tim Davis photo Tim Davis bio spacer
Tim Davis
Development Director, City of Troy, Ohio

Bob Winner photo Bob Winner bio spacer
Bob Winner
Incoming Chairperson, Troy Area Chamber of Commerce Winner's Computer

Kathy Vukovic photo Kathy Vukovic bio spacer
Kathy Vukovic
Minster Bank

Eric Lunde photo Eric Lunde bio spacer
Eric Lunde
President, Troy Hospital - Kettering Health Network

Nathan Parke photo Nathan Parke bio spacer
Nathan Parke
AES Corporation Dayton Power & Light

Chris Piper photo Chris Piper bio spacer
Chris Piper
Superintendent, Troy City Schools

Adam Lampert photo Adam Lampert bio spacer
Adam Lampert

Patrick Titterington photo Patrick Titterington bio spacer
Patrick Titterington
Director of Public Service and Safety City of Troy, Ohio

Steve Bruns photo Steve Bruns bio spacer
Steve Bruns
Bruns General Contracting

Rich Osgood photo Rich Osgood bio spacer
Rich Osgood
Director, Department of Development Miami County Government

Rob Burnette photo Rob Burnette bio spacer
Rob Burnette
Outlook Financial

Kevin Harlan photo Kevin Harlan bio spacer
Kevin Harlan
President, Upper Valley Medical Center

Rob Davis photo Rob Davis bio spacer
Rob Davis
Chairperson, Troy Area Chamber of Commerce, General Manager of Branch Business Development, Crown Equipment

Cale Arnold photo Cale Arnold bio spacer
Cale Arnold
Past Chairperson, Troy Area Chamber of Commerce, Koverman, Staley, Dickerson Insurance

Ben Redick photo Ben Redick bio spacer
Ben Redick
Bruns Real Estate

Jason Haak photo Jason Haak bio spacer
Jason Haak
Superintendent, Upper Valley Career Center


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