Who We Are

The mission of the Troy Development Council (TDC), as a public/private initiative, is to advance the economic development interests of the Troy community and the businesses within the community.


To provide a forum where issues affecting community development can be discussed, solutions identified and action taken.

To formualte goals, develop plans, evaulate procedures and inventory resources in order to encourage and assist in the development of new business and industry and to encourage retention and expansion of existing business and industry.

To serve as the focal point for economic development efforts of the Troy community and related workforce development programs.

What We Do

The TDC offers site location assistance and related services to domestic and international companies planning new or expanded facilities. The TDC is the primary point of contact to a network of private sector, state and local government professionals that support a company's business location decision. The TDC focuses its efforts in six primary areas of the economic development process.

  • Domestic and International Recruiting
  • Site Location Assistance
  • Retention of Existing Business
  • Outreach Marketing
  • Workforce Development
  • Data Services

The TDC, which has been in operation since 1984, is a public-private, not-for-profit corporation funded jointly by local governments and area businesses. Client company services are provided at no cost and all inquiries are managed with the utmost confidentiality.

Domestic and International Recruiting

The Troy Development Council has been recruiting both domestically as well as internationally since 1984. Our success rate has been unusually high for a community of our size. Since our first new business commitment with American Honda in 1985, we have located a total of 19 international companies into Troy. In addition, our domestic efforts have resulted in over 27 new and expanded industrial projects. In the last five years, we have expanded our European recruiting efforts through a working partnership with neighboring economic development organizations. This has allowed our European-based consultants to implement a more regional approach to recruiting and has resulted in a significantly higher project rate. While our Far East recruiting activities are still conducted solely by the TDC, the presence of several major Japanese companies in Troy has brought benefit to the entire region. Domestically, we have initiated a similar partnership to our European program. While still early on in this effort, we have engaged an excellent consulting team and we look forward to good results.

Site Location Assistance

The TDC provides site location assistance to domestic and international industrial businesses planning new or expanded operations in the Troy area. With the initial contact in the site selection process, the TDC will provide a customized package of business and real estate information for the client company. For site visits by the client and their representatives, the TDC will arrange a thorough itinerary that is created specifically designed to maximize the client's time investment. In addition, the TDC will arrange meetings with service providers such as legal and financial institutions. Finally, meetings with local business executives can be arranged to gain insight into doing business in the Troy area.

Retention of Existing Business

The TDC has partnered with over 30 other communities throughout our region to implement BUSINESS FIRST for a GREATER DAYTON REGION. This retention program focuses its resources, services and support at companies currently located within our region. Working with professional development staff and trained volunteers from the business community, this program seeks to gain a thorough understanding of each company and the challenges that are critical to its long term success. Companies participating in the program can expect to receive a high level of customer service and access to a wide variety of resources as indicated by the company's unique needs. The ultimate intent of the BUSINESS FIRST program is solidify our relationships with existing businesses and make the Troy area an even better place to do business. And in doing so, we want to make certain that those companies that are already here will continue to grow and create additional career opportunities for our residents.

Outreach Marketing

The marketing efforts of the TDC and our regional partners incorporates not only various aspects of recruiting new business on a worldwide basis, but also working locally to build understanding and support for the overall value of economic development. The TDC marketing activity encompasses a wide variety of meetings, seminars, publications, news articles and other mission focused efforts. Whether it is a seminar for potential client companies in Europe or a dinner meeting in Japan for our Troy located international companies, the TDC has created an exceptionally strong and successful program that has brought solid industrial growth to our community.

Workforce Development

Building a workforce with the requisite skills to support today's advanced manufacturing requirements is an on-going objective of the TDC. Most recently, in an effort to broaden the potential impact of its workforce committee's efforts, the TDC facilitated a business, government and education partnership that has created a completely new training program for advanced manufacturing called SKILLSTRAC. This five-tier, year long program was developed in a cooperative effort by Edison Community College, Sinclair Community College and Wright State University. Utilizing a $2 million federal grant, this program will position the Troy area to be even more competitive when reaching for new business partners.

Data Services

The TDC not only produces data on current buildings and sites, but also maintains data on several project-critical areas to assist clients in making an informed decision. Our data services include:

  • Quality of Life & Cost of Living
  • Existing Industry Data
  • Taxes and Incentives
  • Utilities
  • Workforce, education, and training
  • Transportation Options
  • Potential Suppliers
  • Joint Venture and Acquisition Opportunities