Why Troy Ohio?

The two primary reasons why Troy Ohio is home to some of the World’s best companies is great access to customers and great access to suppliers. We have one of the nation’s best locations for highway, air and rail access and all the resources needed to help your company grow.

Our location at the intersection of Interstate 75, the major north-south highway in the US and Interstate 70, the major east-west highway in the US make us an ideal location for reaching the population of the eastern United States and Canada. We are located between Ontario Canada and Atlanta Georgia and between Chicago and New York.

Troy is also at the epicenter of the US industrial base. Ohio is the leading state in the production of steel, plastic/polymer products and of industrial automation machinery.

Troy is right in the middle of Auto Alley, the section of Interstate 75 that connects Detroit and the auto assembly facilities of Canada and Michigan with the auto assembly facilities in Georgetown, Kentucky and Smyrna Tennessee. Three of the major Honda assembly facilities are within a four hour drive. Troy is home to one of the largest and most advanced Honda consolidation and distribution facilities in North America.

Troy is also very near Wright Patterson Air Force Base where a large portion of the military’s aerospace products are developed and purchased.

Ohio is one of the leading states in pharmaceutical and food processing because of our  location at the western edge of the US’s east coast population and the eastern edge of the US grain, vegetable and livestock production. Troy has an abundance of high quality water resources and a utilities infrastructure that is capable of handling the largest production and distribution facilities.  

Beyond our location and resources, Troy offers a great small town quality of life while providing excellent highway and air access to many of the leading metropolitan cities of the eastern United States and Canada.

Troy is a community with government leaders who are dedicated to growth and promoting business investment and jobs.  And Troy area businesses provide a full range of production, education, financial, legal, utility and transportation services that the world’s best companies need to support the business operations of the future.

We know how to accommodate companies who have extensive criteria that are necessary to make the best location decision possible but who have a short time period to make their project operational.

Find out Why Troy Ohio is the home to some of the World’s Best Companies.