A dependable water supply is critical for economic productivity. The upper Midwest of the United States (including the Great Lakes) contains between 18% and 21% of all the fresh surface water on earth! One of the largest aquifers in the United States runs approximately 20 miles North of Troy, Ohio directly under Dayton, Ohio. With aquifers yielding more than 13,900 gallons per minute, the region excels in the ability to obtain high quality water and in the quantity needed.

During times when many areas across the nation are struggling with drought conditions, Troy is drought-free and welcomes water intensive business and industry to share its abundant water resources. This amenity proves to be a valuable resource to the sustainability and growth of agriculture, industrial production, energy generation, and service sector activities.

Fast Facts about Troy's Water Supply

  • Troy water comes from a buried glacial valley aquifer with excellent quality and quantity
  • 10 production wells ranging from 60 to 130 feet deep
  • 14 monitoring wells to assure a high quality supply to the treatment plant
  • Standby generator to ensure continuous operation during electric power outages
  • In-plant OEPA-certified bacteria testing laboratory as well as a chemical lab for hourly quality assurance
  • Staffed by licensed operators 24 hours per day, 365 days per year
  • Plant Superintendent received 2010 Operator Meritorious Award from the American Water Works Association
  • Treatment system is a gravity flow clarifier train and a lime/soda softening process