The Crossroads of America

You could say that Troy is just around the corner … from almost everywhere. The founders of the city couldn’t have known that in future years Troy would be located close to every major evolution in transportation, but that’s the way it worked out.

Soon after it was founded, Troy found itself right in the path of the Miami-Erie Canal. When the railroads ruled America, they made Troy a vital stop. A few years later, Troy was just up the road from a couple of brothers named Wright, who ended up inventing the airplane and putting Troy in the center of a whole new mode of transportation. When the interstate highway system was designed, the busiest highways in the country were built nearby.

That great location continues to benefit Troy today. Troy is located on Interstate 75, ten minutes north of the highway’s intersection with Interstate 70. The interchange, often called the Crossroads of America, recently underwent a seven-year, $145 million modernization project. These are two of the most heavily traveled highways in America, and they are more than just roads -- they are magnets that attract business and culture.

That’s not all. The Dayton International Airport is just 15 minutes away. The 90-minute air market from Troy includes more than half of all U.S. households, 70 percent of U.S. income and more than 65 percent of U.S. manufacturing.

Put it all together and you have easily accessible major transportation opportunities that don’t affect Troy’s friendly, small city atmosphere. When you’re in Troy, you’re never far from the rest of the world.

I-75 Automotive Corridor