3 Sigma Corporation

Since 1980 3 Sigma has been a specialty provider of adhesive coatings and materials to converters and manufacturers around the world. We have doubled the size of our company over the last 10 years and believe the best is yet to come.

Over the next 12-24 months you will see a new 3 Sigma emerge while we build upon our legacy technologies, capabilities and the values that have made us a leading specialty provider in our market. Very few companies in our market can successfully deliver solvent, hot melt and emulsion products – 3 Sigma does every day. Not only is our chemistry innovative but our capabilities are utilized to develop unique, differentiated, higher margin, pressure sensitive materials and top coated products for our customers and their clients.

We have a variety of branding, efficiency and new product development initiatives underway that have created strong momentum for 3 Sigma in the market and has laid a foundation for our future growth. I invite you to check back with us often to try our new products and experience an enhanced customer experience that we believe will add value to you, and your organization.

For more information contact:

Terry Cudney
VP Marketing

(937) 440-3400 Ext. 119

3 Sigma Corp.

Manufacturing Expertise
  • Customized adhesive and coating formulations
  • Pattern and specialty constructions
  • Versatile and flexible manufacturing processes
Benefits to Working with 3 Sigma
  • Create new and higher-margin products
  • Reduce waste and total applied costs
  • Rapid development cycles
  • Superior turnaround time for custom products
  • Ability to supply low minimums or high-volume applications

3 Sigma Corporation

1985 West Stanfield Road
Troy, Ohio 45373

Phone (800) 347-3091
Fax (800) 291-0895

Website www.3sigma.cc